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Who am i


Since 1993 Mr. Syahpril has worked in various companies in different regions in Indonesia. His steps listed in major cities such as Aceh, Medan, Jambi, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Jakarta and Yogyakarta. In 2004, he first entered the world of information technology as a hobby. While mastering these fields, He enhanched his knowledge and brought up the idea of starting his own business. In his efforts to actualized it, he exchanged insights with Jacky Liew, a close friend who have broad knowledge in relevant fields. Jacky Liew was five years-manajer of PT Bintang Cerah Jayatama, an information and telecommunications company.

In the following year, 2005 Mr Syahpril join PT Versa Technology and appointed as Head of the company, at that time Versatech is in need of new heading and long term business plan to grow to be competitive company.

  •   Jalan Ternate No. 12 B/C Cideng, Gambir, Jakarta Pusat Indonesia 10150
  •   +62 21 2982 8391