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Who am i


Deny Saputra studied in Institut Teknologi Bandung, majoring in Computer Science since 1998. During college, he was very fond of programming technology and is known for his adept in these fields. He was also selected to represent his campus at information technology-themed events held in various cities in Indonesia. In 2002, because his business in working on many similar projects, he decided to focus on the jobs he has been working on. In 2004, he was asked by acquaintances to complete a large-scale project; customer management systems, to a well-known bank in Jakarta.

The success of this project brought out the idea to start his own business in the field of information technology. In 2005 invited by his brother Mr. Syahpril, to established PT Versa Technology.

  •   Jalan Ternate No. 12 B/C Cideng, Gambir, Jakarta Pusat Indonesia 10150
  •   +62 21 2982 8391